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Recruitment is now open at Manchester Escorts 4u!

Being one of Manchester’s first class escorts with Manchester Escorts 4u can bring you a lifestyle where you may be meeting gentlemen in good quality hotels, wining and dining in fine restaurants and having a higher income. If this appeals to you and you meet the high caliber of personal presentation we expect, we will be pleased to consider your application and call you in for an informal interview.

Escorts jobs in ManchesterThe successful candidate must be over 18 and less than 35 years old, have a good figure, be attractive and well presented, be charming and have a sound work ethic as our business depends upon your personality and reliability.

If you feel that this description fits you and you would be interested in understanding more about becoming an escort with Manchester Escorts 4u please fill in our online application form and attach up to 4 recent photos.

We promote some of the most beautiful elite escorts in Manchester and the North West; we will call you for an interview at our Manchester office if we believe that you could have potential to become one of our top escorts. We will be able to offer you advice based upon several years experience within the industry and you could be taking the next step to changing your career and your life.


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